Britney: Piece of Me - Circus

*This show is so freakin’ amazing! ♥*

Britney: Piece of Me

The residency starts today!! So exciting #GoodLuckBritney

Angelney! ♥

Britney Jean Photoshoot Fan Art 1

Britney Jean Photoshoot Fan Art 1 (Unfinished)

I’m a Slave 4 U - Vma’s 2001 Fan Art ♥

Britney Jean - Album Cover

*I can’t wait!*

shessoluckyshesastar asked: Your work bitch art is amazing!!!!!!!

thank you! :D

posted 1 year ago

You want a hot body…

You Better Work B**ch!

Work Bitch!

*my favourite scene!*

Get Naked ( I Got a Plan) - The Circus Starring: Britney Spears

* I love this performance!*

Britney : Piece of Me - Las Vegas

*this is so exciting!*

#WORKBITCH - Single Artwork

*It’s simply flawless!*

iheartgodney asked: I appreciate your work a lot. You're very talented. Thanks to share with us your job on tumblr. Have a nice day sweetie!

thank you :D

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thanks for all your support! ♥